Welcome to my new website designed by John Clive, Artist, Writer and Film Maker. My first presence on the web was back in 1999 when the digital world was young and it was unusual for Artists to even contemplate dabbling in the new media.


In June 2019 everyone and their dog has to have a digital presence. It is an essential way of contacting my collectors and relating to the world. I use the internet for research and regularly contribute Instagram pages. Increasingly sales enquiries have become very important. I have always been very productive since starting my professional career as an Artist in 1967, and have created original prints, made paintings and drawings as well as writing and publishing books. This back catalogue is all archived, but examples of many sought after prints are still available for sale from my studio as well of course the latest productions hot off the press.


The 251st Royal Academy Summer Exhibition opens to the public on the 10th June. This year I have not been involved in hanging and look forward, like everybody else, to the first surprise of entering the wonderful RA main galleries full of light and diversity. My work this year features a new House of Commons print entitled “The Parliament of the Long Noses” which along with “Albert and the Mudlarks” and “From Essex to Suffolk...The Leaping Horse” were printed by me in my workshop at Worton Hall Isleworth. There are also 2 lithographs made with Curwen which I hope are worthy successors to my recent run of successful complex colour prints,“Androcles and the Lion” and a vibrant hymn to the man on the Clapham Omnibus called, “Democracy on the Buses”.


The title of my new painting on show at the RA sums up my current feelings;“Young Hokusai meets Old Hokusai in Middle Age”. Most Artists think they are younger than they actually are, but are only too well aware that time passes. I’m still waiting for my mid life crisis.


The Summer Exhibition runs until 12th August (daily 10am to 6pm, late night Fridays). The digital universe is truly wonderful, but there is no substitute for seeing Art directly. Please do make an appointment to come to the studio if you would like to look at anything and of course visit the Royal Academy.


Chris Orr RA June 2019



If you would like to see more of Chris's work and visit his studio email him on